AO3 Category Change workgroup

10/28/2012:  AO3 has announced the Category Change workgroup and is soliciting feedback.

10/28/2012: Fail_fandomanon also has a thread discussing the topic.

10/28/2012:  On fail_fandomanon, what the hell is this?    Discussion about the volume of tags that are useless for categorization. 

AO3 Metatag Guidelines

10/26/2012 - AO3 has made their Metatag Guidelines public here.

10/26/2012 - Fail_fandomanon is hosting a thread about the subject.

Dear AO3, about that tagging system

10/22/2012:  Branchandroot posted an open letter to AO3 regarding their tagging system and archive functionality.

AO3 puts the spotlight on tagging

10/17/2012:  AO3 posted a breakdown on the tags on AO3. There is conversation in the comments on free-form tagging and AO3’s policy regarding keeping it.

10/17/2012:  Fail-fandomanon responds regarding the AO3 post.

Spotlight on Tag Wrangling

10/12/2012 -  OTW-News has posted an article about the tag wrangling function on AO3, including interviews with current wranglers.

10/12/2012 - Someone on fail-fandomanon asked what current conditions in tag wrangling are in AO3.

Do you speak Italian?

10/08/2012:  Fanlore is looking for Italian speaking fans to help with the archiving of some Italian Star Trek fanzines.

Final Chat Transcript

10/09/2012: The transcript for the third OTW incoming board member chat has been posted

The Trouble with Translations

10/06/2012:  Agnieszkas, the OTW Translations chair, has posted about the translation process and OTW.

Incoming OTW Board Members - 3rd chat

10/06/2012:  An informal chat transcript was posted on fail_fandomanon.  The official transcript will come later from OTW.

OTW Unofficial forum

10/04/2012 - An Unofficial OTW Forum has been created by a volunteer. This forum is not officially associated with the OTW (just like this tumblr isn’t) but welcomes discussion about OTW, AO3 and all of their affiliated projects.